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ACB Still Investigating Mkaka’s Mercedes Benz…as CDEDI pushes for Chakwera’s action

By Iommie Chiwalo

The country’s graft bursting body – Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) has confirmed that it is investigating Natural Resources Minister Eisenhower Mkaka for suspected to have benefited from corruption proceeds in form of a Mercedes Benz.

Earlier, ACB refuted that Mkaka is not on the list of those being investigated but through request from Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives, the graft bursting body through its Director General, Martha Chizuma, has confirmed that Mkaka is under investigation.

In a response letter addressed to CDEDI, Chizuma says the bureau has already launched an investigation on the matter.

“The bureau would like to advise that it has already launched its investigations in respect to this matter. When investigations are complete, will inform you and the whole nation on the outcome,” reads the response letter from Chizuma.

About unjustified allowance claims by senior government officials, Chizuma has said her office is still screening the complaint after which the determination will be made available to the general public.

Meanwhile CDEDI Executive Director, Sylvester Namiwa has commended the ACB for demonstrating that they are a public entity that should be accountable to the people of Malawi all the time.

He, however, said that Mkaka issue is straight forward matter that needs to be treated with urgency it deserves.

“The ACB should handle it the way they did with former minister of lands Kezzie Msukwa otherwise they risk being perceived as preferential treatment towards Mkaka who is MCP Secretary General. Madam Chizuma ought to tread carefully on this,” says Namiwa.

The calls by Namiwa are coming after similar treatment given by Chakwera to former Energy Minister Newton Kambala, his own advisor Chris Chaima and former Labour Minister Ken Kandondo for allegedly being involved in corrupt practices.

“On the issue of Hon Mkaka, now our eyes are on President Chakwera to do the needful now that it is no longer a speculation that he is under investigations. The president should desist from being seen to be practicing selective application of Justice it is only fair and just that he should be relieved from his cabinet portfolio pending investigations,” he says.

Namiwa has also expressed satisfaction that the ACB is tackling the allowances scam with speed.

“On the allowances we are also delighted that the ACB is screening our complaint. We cannot afford again arresting powerless public civil servants leaving out those that are immersly benefiting from the same allowance culture,” he says.

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