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Eli Njuchi, Other Local Artists Embrace Spirit of Region 5 games

By Twimepoki Mangani

Eli Njuchi and Leslie performing the region 5 theme song during the launch(1)

Lilongwe, Mana: Several local artists are celebrating the spirit of the African Union Sports Council (AUSC) Region 5 games through a theme song which welcomes and encourages all participants.

The artists set the mood for the event as they joyfully welcomed different nations participating in the games while embracing the Malawian heritage. 

In an interview Chifuniro Magalasi known as Eli Njuchi, who is also an avid fan of tennis, says the song celebrates the Malawian spirit of being a ‘warrior’ with passion in multidimensional life aspects including art and sports.

“We are celebrating being a winner, Malawi has winners, African has winners, hence that is the message we are delivering. This is to push everyone who dreams of winning not just in sports but in life generally” Eli Njuchi said.

The theme for this year’s games is Igniting the African dream and Rita Kalonga who also horned her vocals on the song said that the song circles around the theme and is tailor made for the youth.

“The idea was to write something that resonates with the youth, a tune that would be an anthem to spice up things, as we know music is a big part of everyday life,” Ritaa said.

Ritaa who loves Volleyball further said that she is looking forward to the games and the excitement evidently seen from the participating kids is contagious as it builds up.

With a few months before commencement of the games in December another artist who featured on the track, William Episodz Phoya says the song is for everybody taking part in the games.

“We are welcoming the participating countries and accommodating everbody, you’ll notice there is a lot of greeting in other languages and a lot of mention of the sports and the countries that are participating and we kept the African Vibe going.”

“It was good working with Leslie Moyo, Ritaa, Eli Njuchi, and Quest with an amazing production crew led by BFB, Tricky beats and Dj Sley.

The reaction when we first sung it at the lunch of the games was actually very overwhelming its more than what we expected, everybody stormed on stage,” Episodes said.

Episodes expressed interest in E Sports which is among the other codes such as Para Olympics, taekwondo, boxing, judo, lawn tennis, athletics, basketball, netball, swimming and football.

“We are warriors; tiyipatse moto African Warriors: bekeshu bekeshu wakutuma ndani kuti ubekeshule mwana wa Malawi Mwana wa region 5”, goes the chorus of the song which is accompained by a beat that is Local Afro with a mixture of Pop.

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