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Why is President Chakwera angry with Martha Chizuma?

By Sylvester Ayuba James

OLD GOOD DAYS: Chakwera and Chilima

In truth, we know what makes the President angry with Martha Chizuma on this particular matter. The girl knew that the President has a history of sitting on reports to be blaming others for his own inaction. She, thus, shared the report with other offices so that the Estate President does not act as if he did not receive it. Breaching the protocol to achieve results. This made it difficult for the President to play his usual game of sittings. And the anger with Martha was the only reaction he could have. And the lynching, once more, followed.

If you ask me, if President Chakwera were once to choose who should die today, Martha would be his immediate choice. Without a blink of his eye. And I hold this opinion without any apology to anyone. He has very big scores to settle with this girl for defying his earlier authority in demanding that she doesn’t act on the whole Sattar thing. This is a man who, by all prayers and wishes, did not want to see any firm action taken on this matter. Thank God we have a disobedient ACB and a firm donor community, particularly the British, otherwise this issue was bound for the Estate House archives to lie side by side with the covid19 money file.

When a man of inaction is pushed into action, he acts with anger and bitterness towards the person forcing him to act. This is the clear scenario here. The Estate President is very bitter with Martha for cooperating with the NCA in Britain to have this corruption cartel unearthed and later insisting on acting on it. He is very uncomfortable to do what he is being forced to do.

Now the man is using every single opportunity to build a case against Martha for her firing at some opportune time. In fact, the only reason that girl is still in that office today is the foot that the donors have planted in the sand. “You fire her, we pull out”. The donors made this very clear, forcing the unwilling President to maintain her.

Sas. Very sad.

And talk about the standard of the report: was it bad? I dare say the President, and all others who agreed with him, spoke out of two influences: malice and ignorance.

Firstly, under Section 4(4) of the Corrupt Practices Act, the only kind of reports the President is entitled to are general conduct reports of the bureau’s business. He has no power to ask for a special report of investigation over a particular case. Yet what he asked for three weeks ago, perhaps out his own misapprehension of the Law, was exactly a special investigation report. In this way, he asked the Bureau to break the law by supplying to him what he is not qualified to have and see.

In order to avoid breaching the law, the Bureau gave him a general report without details of evidence. It gave him what he is entitled to and kept the rest to its chest.

And now here is the man. Claiming the report is substandard because it does not contain further and better particulars and full details of the evidence. And we have a whole gang of his uninformed puppies joining the barking at Martha and her team at ACB.

Ignorance is already dangerous on its own, but if you concoct it with malice, nothing could be more lethal.

If you ask the law, you will understand why the report was not detailed. But you cannot do this because you pleasure in maliciously peddling your wished incompetence of the ACB Director General. Unfortunately for you, she is not incompetent. Neither is she going anywhere unless she wishes to. The donors are more powerful than the man and all his puppies in this sense. And the report was of very high standard and fit for its purpose.

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