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NANKHUMWA TRIUMPHS: High Court Dismisses Namalomba’s Application With Costs

Namalomba ordered to pay costs

High Court in Zomba has thrown out an application by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Member of Parliament, Shadrick Namalomba, with costs which sought judicial review on whether the Leader of Opposition in Parliament has the right to make some decisions such as appointing a shadow cabinet and re-allocating seats on the opposition benches.

In its determination, the court said Namalomba was trying to find a political solution via the backdoor.

Judge Mzonde Mvula said Parliament discusses pertinent issues and Namalomba’s actions to put the Speaker of Parliament as a respondent in the case was in a way trying to stifle the business of the House which was an injustice to the nation.

“Litigants should examine the facts and sieve them carefully before flooding the courts with claims which are not justiciable in the first place. Malawians out there need answers from the Government which must be held to account.

“Dragging the hands of the Leader of Opposition from forming a solid opposition block to make the executive arm of Government held accountable on its mandate, and on the other hand, tying the Speaker to it, by clogging the Court with actions which lie in politics is an abuse of taxpayer money.

“As a people, we can do better over prudent use of time and financial resources in the current economic environment. The claimant is thus condemned for costs of proceedings,” reads the judgement in part.

There was no immediate reaction from Namalomba, however, Nankhumwa’s lawyer, Cassius Chidothe, said his team is satisfied with the court’s determination.

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  1. All the wrangles making rounds in the DPP can be avoided by those going through the scuffles, by assuming sober minds and then look back to where they come from. In modern civilised world handling of any matter requires strategic thinking and maturity. The moment you start to look at things upto the tip of your nose, then know that you’re missing something. In reality when you see that a friend or neighbour is envious of your progress or achievement, you immediately know that there is something you’re doing right which is giving him/them sleepless nights. A person will not feel jealous towards the other if there’s nothing to be jealousy over. In life leadership goes to an individual at a time. Two bulls cannot co-habit in the same kraal. Normally if that happens the weaker of the two will succumb to a defeat and possibly find another favourable environment. Therefore what ever differences are there in DPP, let natural justice do its own selection process. There definitely will come a time when a convention will be held to choose office bearers. The one God wants to lead the party into the 2025 General Elections will easily win without buying favours or smearing others with dirt. Remember there was Chimunthu Banda who felt was good enough to lead DPP. When time came he contested as a man but fate was not on his side and so he flopped. But life goes on even after losing, there he is still enjoying life.

    As we get close to 2025, though this is too early to start skirmishes, a lot of people/parties whose foundations are established on shaky grounds, will try as much as possible to destabilise the fabrics that holds DPP together by tossing spanners in the system for things to ground to a halt so that they in turn have an easy and smooth ride into the next 5 years. If DPP candidates are easily lampooned into all those sideshows they will be derailed in the process. If one of you would-be torch bearers has a loud mouth, let him go about shouting and it will be up to the voters to gauge if those tantrums will still hold come 2025. I am sure by that time he will have exposed his clumsiness. Well, mine is just an observation, no big deals at all, take it or leave it.

  2. DdP the party of the mutharika clan just like udf and afford .
    Who can forget Anna adad, the beatings of opposition, the no go zone areas for other parties, the buying of Judges including the stupid wicked jern Assa and the muli dominating every government tender .
    After 2025 malawi voice will completely gone


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