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PAC APOLIGIES TO MUTHARIKA, pleads with him to assist  Chakwera’s Sinking Titanic…”Ten Parties have failed”

PAC members pose for a photo with Mutharika after the meeting

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC), a pro-Tonse Alliance institution has pleaded with former President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika to help President Lazarus Chakwera’s sinking titanic and managing the affairs of the country since the current 10 leaders of Tonse Alliance seem to be clueless.

PAC met the DPP President at his Page House in Mangochi.

PAC also apologised to Professor Mutharika for fighting against him towards June 2020 re-run. PAC campaigned rigorously for Tonse Alliance victory.

In his response, Mutharika, says it is possible for the country to come out from the worsening economic situation if government can come up with clear policies to deal with the situation.

Mutharika said he had an almost similar situation in 2014, saying that he found the economy in bad shape affected by cashgate and lost donor support; but he managed to bring back the economy to shape within six months.

He therefore, said that it is possible for the current government to get things back in order.

He said this during an interview with the media at his residence in Mangochi after meeting members of the quasi-religious grouping, Public Affairs Committee (PAC) who had an audience with him.

PAC Chairperson Monsignor Dr. Patrick Thawale reminded the former president of an important role his party (DPP) has to the country’s democracy.

The two parties also had a discussion on the importance of dialogue when there are differences, both within political parties and during times of elections.

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  1. In an African context we always have a totally wrong concept of democracy, hence a misconception on the interpretation of “An Opposition Party.” We think having a party in opposition is unhealthy and a deterrence to everything the party in power will be doing. We regard people seated on the otherside of the aisle as enemies. But in a vibrant and health democracy, the opposition is meant to be your partners in all your endeavours, they actual lead you back into line whenever you tend to go astray. Unfortunately, in Malawi the Tonse Alliance deliberately incapacitated the opposition. They started right from the polling centres in the central region whereby monitors from other parties were literary hacked with machetes so that the stuffing of votes in their favour was done freely during the election that was held in 2020. Soon after assuming office, anything Blue or Yellow was the rubble they vehemently wanted to remove. In the process of removing the so-called rubble some of the experienced and well qualified persons were fired or taken to court on mere allegations. The end result was that the unnecessary clearance was made and in came ‘MADEYA’ which was unable to hold and maintain an office, hence all the numerous blunders and hardships seen today. When you assume a responsibility you need to strike a balance. You keep onboard old staff and you bring in new staff of your choice as subordinates, for them to learn the trade. Wholesale changes bring in chaos and the example is just here with us. Normally such management styles come together with experience and good practices. An inexperienced person would do what the country is going through now.

    The bottom line is that the opposition is there to work hand in glove with government of the day. When things started going north, I remember APM suggesting to Chakwera that if he needed any help in economic management he was ready to offer the expertise abound in DPP whose works was tried and tested. Unfortunately, the other side opted to refuse the offer. Now to day to see them coming up asking for the very same thing they refused smacks of stupidity, mainly when you know that the situation has reached to a point that will require more resources in order to keep things afloat. Right from the beginning we all saw that the hat Chakwera was wearing was too big for him, put together with his Tonse colleagues. As it were Malawi is in a very precarious situation and it will take dedicated effort, seriousness and consultation in order to kickstart the economic fabric of the country. There are many Malawians who can take up the reins and put things right as long as they are employed not based on party affiliations.

  2. The problem with APM is that people surrounding him take advantage of him and start ruling behind his back. Imagine a bodyguard turning into a billionaire without him knowing!
    Wife, members of inner circle and their connections! I don’t see anyone to bail this country out of its economic/political quagmire!


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