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Stop arguing or mourning about someone’s age or tribe again, it is philistine…


If I explain it in such a way that you think you are the person I am talking about, the point I am trying to make might make sense.

This is how things work in a democracy: Some people CHOOSE to vie for political leadership positions, others CHOOSE them to occupy those positions.

It is called democracy. It emphasises the freedom of the individual to choose.

Now, if someone makes a choice to vie for a political position because they believe that they have it in them to serve others and their country and you come in and say they must not:

1. Because of their tribe

2. Because of their family

3. Because of their age

4. Because of their gender

5. Because of their race etc

It means you are MCP; you think like a kokoliko.

In other places further afield, these are called protected characteristics, you don’t discriminate based on them.

If this is a big problem to you, say someone’s age or tribe is a big issue for you, you have two choices. Either you choose to vie for the position yourself or choose not to choose the individual you have these problems with.

Why talk about this:

Yes, Malawi is suffering because of the clueless and mediocre leadership we have now, however, much more also because of most of us. We think like MCP a bit too much. We talk about democracy but we don’t fully understand it.

It is important that we strive for truth and excellence all the time. That is the only way we can start winning.

That said, don’t come arguing or mourning about someone’s age or tribe again. It is philistine and MCPish. No good.

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