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Let APM rest and be happy…He is not a conduit of your planned thievery

By Pato Phoya

HAPPY APM at PAGE House with little ones

If Hon Msaka, Hon Mwanamvekha, Hon Nankhumwa entertained thoughts of our APM standing again then these are mere clowns that should never be taken seriously…

Anyone advocating for the return of APM is not doing it for the good of the country. They know APM will be very tired to lead us again in 2025 and would love to rest. They see this as an opportunity to steal from the poor man. Pure selfish reasons.

I am not sure why we lack confidence as a country and think we can do well even at the OPC by recalling the likes of Zake Zake Chikholingo who had retired long ago and we think they are the only ones with solutions.

You can be the best judges now…. Someone has his wires disconnected somewhere ndithu…

Let APM rest and be happy. He is not a conduit of your planned thievery.

Achimwene akulu kukhala ngati mukukakamirakotu kudambweko akuti basi muzipita.

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