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Illovo Malawi Executive Director Katandula Says Malawi Vision 2063 Achievable

By Tione Andsen

Katandula- believes Malawi 2063 is achievable

Lilongwe, Mana: Executive Director for Illovo Sugar Malawi, Lekani Katandula believes that implementation of Malawi Vision 2063 was possible if all Malawians join hands.

He said this during the 8th Eminent Speaker’s Series in Nzotheka initiative being spearheaded by National Planning Commission (NPC), MwAPATA Institute   and Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) held at Sunbird Capital Hotel in Lilongwe,

Katandula noted that the country has a good vision with sound first 10 year implementation plan which was achievable.

He said the country need to use the available rovers to implement priority projects which in turn could be use as a resource to fund other key areas.

“We cannot do everything at a goal, we need to do things step by step with determination and clear direction on what we want to achieve. The choices, we are making should be for the benefit for the country as a whole,” the CEO added.

Katandula, who was the 8th speaker to the initiative, pointed out that thee Malawi 2063 pillars need to be fully supported by its enablers in order to achieve the desired objectives in the implementation process.

Vice Chancellor of LUANAR, Prof. Emmanuel Kaunda said the initiative has helped Malawians to provide possible input on the implementation of Malawi 2063

He said there are issues in the agriculture sector which have worked and people need to emulate them in order to boast crop production in the country.

Phata Cooperatives Extension Officer, Tione Malizani said creating of cooperatives could be instrumental in the implementation of Malawi 2063 particularly in agriculture sector.

He said once farmers are encouraged to work as cooperatives they stand a chance of collective bargaining in the sale of their products unlike as individual farmers.   

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