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2022-23 National Budget Valueless – DPP

Mwanamvekha: You will see this budget becoming valueless shortly

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Finance Spokesperson, Joseph Mwanamvekha, says Parliamentarians have passed the 2022-23 National Budget just because “by law, Government cannot do without the financial plan.”

The former Finance Minister Mwanamvekha added: “But in terms of taking us towards Malawi 2063 agenda that would be a challenge.

“Prices of goods and services are increasing because the dollar is not being bought at a realistic rate; as such, the prices would keep going up. You will see this budget becoming valueless shortly because prices are going up.”

Mwanamvekha was commenting on the passing of the MK2.84 trillion national budget yesterday in Parliament.

Concurring with Mwanamvekha, Centre for Research and Consultancy Director Milward Tobias also observed that it was clear that some of the assumptions in the budget including on inflation, might be met.

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