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Martha Chizuma is up for something fishy!


Chizuma: Martha is not conversant with the laws of Malawi and its sovereignty she is doing things ignorantly

Reading from the Attorneys General’s press statement released yesterday one would tell that Martha Chizuma is up for something fishy and serving the interests of some people masquerading as British officials whose interest is to do security weapons business and replace the Sattars.

The AG has exposed how emotional is Martha handling issues and she is doing everything alone without consulting the Attorney General for guidance.

Martha is not conversant with the laws of Malawi and its sovereignty she is doing things ignorantly. Malawi is a sovereign state as such no any foreign security can come and start getting security information or arresting people any how. There must be a MOU between countries for such on operation to take place in a country. Attorney General only learnt all these via social media meaning he was not officially informed by ACB and Martha.

AG THAMBO NYIRENDA: He has exposed how emotional Martha is in handling issues

One wonders what powers does Martha Chizuma use to arrest people like Ashok. This arrest is unlawful as the press statement of the AG clearly shows the AG wasn’t aware. He had just seen the investigation being discussed on social media.

NCA UK had travelled to Malawi and were escorted with ACB officers to Ashoks house. They were present at Ashok’s house to search and seize any property that would relay to Zuneth Sattar or his business. Then Ashok on the same day was taken to ACB offices in Lilongwe for further questioning.

According to Law, the NCA officer should not have been present in the room where the interview was in record with Ashok SREEDHARAN, but NCA officers were the ones whispering to the ACB officers asking them to ask Ashok such questions. This is clearly and straight forward that this whole operation has been unlawful and non of the evidence obtained can be presented in court as it has not been obtained lawfully.

After the statement Onjezani Kenani was happy and applauded the AG, and few minutes later he changed his writings after Martha called him and said Achimwene this statement is not good for us and ma plan athu sathekaso and please speak against it and Onjezani started immediately.

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  1. The statements made in this article lacks sincerity and professionalism. It is the AG who is not adhering to the SOPs. The fact that Sattar has dual citizenship means he is bound to answer charges from both countries. That is his own making for he wanted to reap from crooked activities from two countries. The British government is safeguarding their reputation because money laundering was involved whereby Malawi high profile individuals are in the fray. Malawi can not run away from it because now it has become an international crime whereby borders were crossed for Sattar to commit his crimes aided by crooks from Malawi, which enabled him to buy property in the UK. Martha Chizuma is not wrong, all she is doing is to follow a procedure whose outcome makes involved parties get jittery.


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