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Malawians should expect more arrests of big fishes-ACB Tsar Chizuma declares

The Anti Corruption Bureau ACB says Malawians should expect arrests and prosecution of many high profile people in the first two months of 2022.

Martha Chizuma, director general of ACB has told MIJ Online that at the moment, she can not disclose how many high profile cases will be brought before the court and on what matters.

“At the moment, the bureau has been investigating close to 900 cases, most of which are big” says Chizuma.

Meanwhile, Chizuma has said the country managed to register positive strides in the fight against corruption in 2021.She said in the 47 weeks that she has been in the bureau, big investigations have been started and concluded within a shortest period of time.

Further, Chizuma has disclosed that the bureau has made several interventions to end corruption including in the sale of affordable farm inputs. #malawinews#malawi -Brenda Kaonga-

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  1. As long as she keeps to her words, she will be proven to have adhered to what she has all along preached. When it comes to justice there are no sacred cows and a crime is what it is based on the severity of the act/deed. It will be a milestone to see the so called highly placed individuals answering charges on embezzlement of our meagre public finances. In issues like those political machinations or interventions is uncalled for, whether those involved or the culprits are bed-fellows with the most senior persons in government; bottom-line is a crime is as such regardless of which camp thr criminal belongs. Mind you madam ACB Director, some of those heinous crimes involve other countries whose taxes have also been tampered with. That being said, it will be very unprofessional to cover-up the dirt as has been the case in the recent passed with external pressures coming from right, left and centre. Ife pheee ku ma stand!!

  2. i hope it wont be political witch hunt. our heads are up to see those ministers involved in covid19 funds abuse also quized. failure which those perceived selective arrests wont be tolerated. it is our sincere hope that people will be arrested without a political line drawn. PP gurus who were involved in cashgate wont be spared this time around. and jetgate is thoroughly investigated, atleast these are our hopes. we are closely monitoring.

  3. unless the selective political element is removed, this could be a publicity stunt aiming at gagging the opposition. our fears are even increasing exponentially to the extent of stopping to believe in our justice systems. how can some1 found guilty before the conclussion of the case? we need to be schooled on what conditions do some1 have that prevent that person from accessing bail?


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