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High Inflation Puts Malawians Faces Gloomy During Festive Season

Chakwera: Malawians are suffering

Malawians face yet another gloomy Christmas following a massive spike in the prices of basic goods at the onset of the festive season, made worse by the weakening local currency.

To pile more misery citizens who intended to travel around the country are hamstrung after government increased fuel prices by over 22%, a worse increment since the dawn of democracy.

This week, the clueless President Revered Dr. Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera admitted that the economy was bleeding despite failure to offer solutions to curb the economic wounds.

M’busa Chakwera said the local economy was bleeding from the wounds of structural limitations, gross imbalance between imports and exports, the Covid pandemic as well as government waste.

Overspending and unnecessary local and international travels by President Chakwera as well as rampant corruption in state institutions are among the factors that have choked the country’s economy.

President Chakwera’s admission came a little bit late as Malawians decided to take to the streets to register their displeasure in the Tonse-led administration.

Led by firebrand politician and activist, Bon Kalindo; Malawians have been thronging the streets in thousands protesting over a number of issues including massive rising cost of living, tribalism, rampant corruption among others.

The comedian-cum freedom fighter Kalindo has led widely subscribed protests in Blantyre, Lilongwe, Mzuzu, Mangochi and Zomba.

Over the past five weeks Malawians have been demanding solutions but to no avail as the Chakwera administration continues to accept failing to reign in the fly away prices of basic commodities.

The recent COVID-19 restrictions as announced by the Presidential Task Force have just complicated the already fragmented economy.

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  1. Has he just realised that the economy is bleeding and surely on its knees? He has lately gone to town blaming his predecessor that he mismanaged the economy, that his Tonse administration found nothing in government and yet soon as he got elected (??!!@**#) he embarked on global tours and local travels. The question still remains, was he utilising personal finances when he found nothing in government but still continued travelling? If not, why should he start to seek sympathy and uncalled for attention from Malawians when he is the main culprit for the misuse of our taxes? During campaign, him and his vice went about telling ignorant/illiterate Malawians that there was a lot of money in government that they did not understand why there was no drugs in hospitals, development was lagging behind etc. For arguments sake, let us assume that there was indeed money the two amateurs found but misappropriated; does money on its own without refurshing/spinning/adding/multiplying mean anything? As government you need to institute ways and means to generate productivity and collection of money to keep the government thriving. But because the two people’s priority was totally wrong, they prioritised aligning their pockets first and fattening their bank accounts with stolen tax payers money. By the time they realised that there was nothing in the government coffers, they didn’t see “KALINDO” coming. The guy is now in town and he is there to stay until changes for the betterment of the country and Malawians as a whole is achieved within the next 2 or so years to come. Unfortunately, time is not on their side because shortly people will start strategizing on the next electoral exercise. Nthawi palibe!! Zitukuko munkanena zija lero zamwa madzi.


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