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PALIBE CHAMUYAYA: Musician Keturah Part Ways with Pemphero Mphande

Afro-jazz musician Keturah and her Manager Pemphero Mphande have ‘mutually’ agree to part ways after a nine months music journey, the publication has learnt.

Both Keturah and Mphande confirmed the development through separate statements made available to the publication on Monday.

“Iam officially announcing to you the end of my musical journey with Mr Pemphero Mphande who happened to be my manager since the month of March till today,” confirmed Keturah in a statement posted on her official facebook page.

She further said; “Mr Mphande and I have come to a mutual agreement to end our long lasting connection musically in which Mr Pemphero acted as my manager for a period of 9 months.”

On the other hand Pemphero said: I would like to inform you all that effective yesterday, December 13th, I have stepped down as Miss Keturah’s manager.

“When I met Keturah in March this year, I made a pledge to freely volunteer my time and resources to work with her because I saw unimaginable talent that was not managed”.

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