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Dear State House and Abiti Chipande,


Dear State House,

Only last week you were cleared by ACB on the query for Crossroads for your private visitors that had nothing to do with Malawians’ interests.

To today, I refer this invoice to ACB for clarification. On the face of it, this Invoice is inflated on the Rates & Numbers of individuals.

If this invoice is genuine and nothing is wrong with it, then something is terribly wrong with us. We must be a very rich nation.

If this is what it costs a taxpayer for President visit to Mangochi for a day or two, on accommodation alone, then Chakwera is a wrong choice for this struggling nation.This is a fruitless and wasteful expenditure with callous impunity.

The extreme scenario would be that this is just fake invoice for someone to siphon money for a service that won’t be rendered.

We will wait upon ACB to address this beautiful & docile nation on this matter.

Whichever way, these are the reasons NOBODY wants Chakwera anymore. Anthu atopa ndi a Chakwera.

Nkhani yaku MERA taimvera limodzi. Mpaka Mneneri wa Mulungu kutuluka tsembwe. Damaging. Embarrassing. Shameless. In my 57 years, this is probably the most hopeless administration I have ever lived under. Clueless.

Ndawala pa Town……….🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️🏃🏿‍♂️😂😂Ine Ndwiiii…….. 🙄🙄

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  1. Clueless is an understatement. Chakwera is naturally and technically insane. If he had the right mind he should have started reasoning as it should be. But instead of that he has chosen to stuff more cotton wool in his ears to deliberately not hear the cries of poverty stricken Malawians who are suffering daily. If he calls that leadership, that is when the insanity sets-in. In less than a week after arriving from his globetrotting tour with his bloated group, he is already on the move once again and this time to South Africa. Now can this be assumed that any form of sanity is remaining in his brain? This is a very worrisome thing from a person who is meant to look after the welfare of a country and its citizens, although he has vehemently refused to work for the very same people who installed him in that post by openly saying he cannot help families who are struggling be it without food, jobs, medicines etc. The question still remains: “Why is he still occupying government houses and receiving a hefty salary and yet he refuses to work for the tax payers?”


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