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‘We Can’t Create 1 Million Jobs, Even In Five Years’

By Bashir B Snr

Malawi’s Zuckerberg

We can’t create 1 million jobs, even in five years. All the entrepreneurs are getting employed. We hoped Henry Kachaje would be Malawi’s Bill gates- hope closed. Malawi’s Zuckerberg, has just got employed yesterday.

A man whose wanted to start up Kokoliko (Malilidwe a Tambala- Tambala ndi symbol ya MCP) with MK 78 billion has just got employed. How do people leave their billions for jobs?

Malawi is full of theorists. We have educated people who just got their papers for memorizing texts. Thinking is our challenge. How you wonder poverty, inflation, and depreciation is happening when Ministry of Finance has a lot of men with Masters and PhDs on the steering.

Failing to take the Nation to the right direction. Theory is theory. Full of talking, trainings and nothing tangible.

Malawi needs practical leaders. One that would look at a problem, quickly come up with a solution and solve it. All that simple. Onjezani Kenani  did a lot with less money than government could have done with the very money.

This is a man who saw a problem, brought together Malawians, got a few pennies and started solving problems in our hospitals. Even now, he is still solving problems in the hospitals.

In 2025, we need a leader who is practical. For talkers we tried and hooked the best. Lazarus Chakwera, Saulos Chilima, Timothy Mtambo, Michael  Usi, and now Henry  Kachaje are the loudest speakers Malawi has ever had but look at what they are doing now- empty tins.

Lessons must be learnt. In 2025 someone who is practical must lead. Us, the youth, must observe these qualities. It isn’t hard to lead Malawi successfully, still harder for speakers and explorers.

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  1. Leadership flows when you incorporate the rest based on knowhow and experience. If you intend to empower a village then start your own business. A country is not personal estate for you to singlehandedly manipulate things with total disregard of instituted laws, rules, policies governing the running and maintenance of a nation. You surely don’t expect someone whose work experience only covers a short stint with Chipiku as a mere ordinary clerk in Santhe, to competently run a government. Leaders can be seen from a distance, but the ones we have are total cheats and very shameful. If you take stock of their achievements for the past 1.9 years, there’s literally nothing to show other than making promises on another promise, instituting useless groups in government, globetrotting and yet according to their own Reserve Bank Governor, there is only 1/2 months forex reserve to enable the country import goods. Foolishly, the same government decides to increase the landing costs of containers to exorbitant skyrocketing charges, financially affecting the capacity of local entrepreneurs. You therefore can tell that all those learned zombies are basically useless and just pocketing salaries for doing nothing. All that culminates to lack of proper assigning people into posts based on qualification and experience. I cry for mother MALAWI!!

  2. thinking is the main challenge indeed. we are interesting ideots. well versed with theory practical wise nil. we are a generation of whattsAp engineers much time politicking. what a shame. all what matters is political will. APM tried hard to make people become innovative by introducing innovations of the year on MBC but, you know what, theorists with their lazy minds knew their honeymoon was hanging in balance. we all witnessed our local engineers and young engineers from MUST and the poly displaying their creativity to combat nCov.what about the bicycle charger from chanco, the automated msima cooker, the hand operated chigayo chokonola, the neonatal resuscitation machine, etc. came the empty tins, saulo and his friends, oops! we were forced back to square 1. yes, reduced back to the nation of beggers and our creative minds soiled to nothing. try to go and see different whatsap groups for poly alumini and MUST etc. you will be shocked to what you’ll see. politics, politics and nothing else except for throwing in of vacancies. they don’t want to think!!! lazy bones. we are a capable people only that our minds are corrupted with intoxication from theories without applying it to practical. another thing is that mostly theory cheats. many graduates obtained their brilliant papers through kujompha and this laziness leaves with us for the rest of our lives and hence unproductive who always qeue to be imployed and failure of opportunity grabbing whenever it arises. lack of creativity brings us into the wonderland of our zuckerbergs and bill gates to be perusing on daily papers seeking for employment opportunities.. this is very funny indeed. leaving billions and get employed?!! childish thinking and egocentric.


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