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Khumbo Kachali Rips Chakwera’s Tonse ‘Liars’ Alliance

Former Vice President Khumbo Kachali has accused President Lazarus Chakwera’s Tonse alliance administration of failing to fulfill campaign promises a year after being ushered into government.

Kachali, whose party the Freedom Party (FP) forms part of Tonse ‘Liars’ administration, made the remarks recently during a political rally held in Northern Region. He said Malawians are tired with Chakwera’s fake Canaan promises.

“Tonse alliance promised that price of fertilizer will be at K 5000 per 50 Kilogram bag, How much is the price now?” Kachali asked hundreds of people at the rally who replied in a choir “MK40, 000 per bag”.

Kachali added: “Just yesterday, l was talking to some people that government intend to raise fuel price, but they did not believe me, hours later Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (Mera) announced new fuel pump prices,”

According to Kachale, the new fuel prices means price of essential commodities including transport fairs will double and people from the village who voted for Tonse alliance hoping for a better life are the one who will suffer most.

Khumbo Kachali is known for telling the story as it. He endorsed Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika in 2014 while he was the Vice President to Dr. Joyce Banda.

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  1. this guy and his supporters practice double standards. how dare is he to start pointing fingers at the government he’s part of? else he is to blame too for the weakening of kwacha while we celebrated bumper harvest. these guys are the most dull fools who are empty headed. how can they fail to manage the kwacha when they bragged of excess maize harvest? even the guy manning the economic planning ministry is very dull too. he was only seen as the champion because he was under APM, the most brilliant and experienced economist, democrat and politician. ndiye wina asamanamize anthu kuti a chakwera alephera kupanga fulfill the campaign promises and yet he’s part of the liars. this is total rubbish. all of you are failures and stop blame game. the only experienced and true performer is DPP. under dpp despite the so called plunders and natural catastrophies the economy was sharp, development was achieved, fuel prices never rose, commodity prices were static. these guys are claiming that they don’t plunder and yet they are struggling to contain the misbehaving kwacha. when they were making their campaign promises covid19 was already there and their friends of dpp were pumping in more money to cushion its effects without tormenting our local currency. mumaona ngati kuyendetsa boma nchibwana. kulirira mkati. lero ndiizo, mng’oooooo kulephera.


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