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Ndirande Anglican Voices Back With A Bang

By Loness Gwazanga

Blantyre, October 6, Mana: After being quiet for over three years, Ndirande Anglican Voices, a gospel singing group, has broken the silence with Usalisinthe Dzina Lako Album which is already enjoying massive air play.

According to the group’s music director, Dennis Kalimbe, the single is title track of their seventh album currently being recorded and produced by Amos Mlolowa of Active, a Studio in Blantyre.

Kalimbe said the track was composed from the Bible in Ruth Chapter 1, verses 20 to 21 where Naomi wanted to change her name to Mara because of the hardships that she went through while in Moab.

“The album is unique because this is a journey from the first album to the seventh album; we are still moving on. Additionally, the album is carrying a message of hope to the Naomis of today who have lost hope and those that have lost their loved ones.

“We just want to encourage them that they should stand still because God is in control of everything.

“According to the scripture, at the end of the day, Naomi became a grandmother to the hero, David, after passing through a lot of hardships,” said Kalimbe.

However, Kalimbe cited COVID-19 pandemic as one of the challenges faced throughout the recording process.

“Our tradition has been that on soprano, we have six people who were supposed to surround one microphone, but this time around, we have to use three people on one microphone.

“It wasn’t easy but we defied all the odds and here we are,” he said.

Kalimbe, therefore, said different platforms such as radio and television stations and Facebook will be used to send across the message the album is carrying.

He expressed hope that it will work to the advantage of the group in the wake of COVID-19 where gatherings such as live music shows are restricted.

In reaction, MIJ FM Radio presenter, Innocent Mphongolo posted on his Facebook page:  “This new song is giving hope to people. I always love powerful composition from the group.”

Blantyre-based gospel musician, Khama Khwiliro, also took it to social media to appreciate the group’s new album, describing it as powerful.

“The song is a hit and well done. I will make sure that I collaborate with them before God decides to take me to his eternal glory,” said Khwiliro.

Ndirande Anglican Voices became a household name in the early 2000s after releasing their first album, Ndasaina.

They have maintained their fame and touch over the years with other albums such as Tiyeni Tonse, Mulungu Amatikondera and Namondwe Tonthola, among others.

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