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UFUMU PALIPONSE: King Tay Grin takes Grin’s Fire Friday to Sandton City

For the first time in history, Tay Grin’s Fire Friday will take place in Sandton City in South Africa on Saturday, October 2.

The venue will be Michael Angelo Towers along 8 Maude Street deep inside Sandton City.

The ‘Grin’s Fire Friday’ is a live Instagram show hosted by the Nyau King Tay Grin, in which his Instagram followers are given opportunity to video call and dance to a song of their choice.

According to a poster available to the publication, the show will start at 18:00hrs in the evening up to 23:00hrs.

Top Club Disk Jockeys Gemini Major, DJ Toy have vowed to dish out their best during the show.

There will also a group of dancers to spice up the event.

Tay Grin is a multi-talented and multi-award winning artist in Malawi who has performed in various countries across the globe.

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