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Chakwera Must Start Preparing Life Outside Government


CHAKWERA: Asked to simply smell the coffee and face reality

By asking Chakwera to start preparing for life outside government, we are not asking him to intensify destroying our country, we are simply asking him to smell the coffee and face reality.

The case in court challenging his legitimacy will lead to fresh elections. Unless he still has his head in the sand, this is very easy to understand.

The task he has before him is to prove to the court that a Commission that is not legally constituted can conduct legally recognised presidential elections. Section 75 talks about what constitutes a legally established commission.

Apart from that, he has to prove to the court why he would want to be treated differently before the law than any other Malawian. How special and super human does he think he is?

There is no rich lomwe to blame for bribing the judges and there’s no Mtambo running around our streets breaking shops, killing policemen etc. We now might have Mtakataka Militants but Msundwe barracks is nowhere to be seen.

It is the best place to have an intellectual conversation without nonsense. Forget about the Chatham House rushed recognition of the hi5 judges. Depending on how the Destiny Judges will stick to the facts and the law, I see us teaching the world not only the value of democracy and constitutionalism, but also that Malawi is not Chakwera’s personal property.

You don’t use the power you have as president to feed your ego and unleash vendetta. That is not what the presidency is about. As president, you serve Malawians. Period.

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