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Oops!Kazako Cautioned for Interfering with K6.2bn Covid Case

KAZAKO: Cautioned

Minister of Information Gospel Kazako has come under fire for interfering with the ongoing K6.2 billion Covid-19 funds abuse case.

Kazako, who does not know know how the civil service operates, demanded from Secretary to the Treasury Chancy Simwaka a letter from Ministry of Information to the Treasury on disciplinary charges for officers implicated in the K6.2 billion from the Ministry of Information.

Treasury had written all Ministries asking them to have displinary hearings for their officers implicated in the matter and to report back to the Treasury.

The Ministry of information had responded to the letter. By mistake, the ministry’s driver dropped the letter at the house of the minister instead of the Treasury.

When he realized that he had not carried the letter with him when he reached the Treasury, he went back to Kazako’s house to get the letter.

Kazako’s personal assistant, a Mr. Kaliati told the driver through the phone to get the letter from the minister’s table.

Later Kazako was told of the letter and he lambasted the driver, his security guard  and personal assistant for allowing the driver to withdraw the letter.

Kazako called Secretary to the Treasury demanding the letter back.

Secretary to the Treasury Chancy Simwaka told Kazako in the face that he was not the addressee of the letter and that he should stop poking his nose in issues that do not concern him.

Simwaka told Kazako that the driver did the right thing to withdraw the letter from him.

Sources say that Kazako threatened  to personally deal with the officers implicated in the K6.2 billion from his office.

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