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ELECTIONS NULLIFICATION CASE: Chakwera has woken up confused and surprised


Apart from the new Attorney General giving an opinion that got him the job, there isn’t much opinions flying around about the Chakwera Illegitimacy Court case.

There’s are a number of reasons:

0. They have woken up confused and surprised. They did not expect things to reach this stage.

1. The experts are embarrassed with the naivety Chakwera shown in needlessly fighting two women commissioners despite Dr Chikosa Silungwe telling him that, it is neater to leave them alone.

2. They know Chakwera is a goner. The constitution is very important for and to the courts. The job of the constitutional court is to make sure that we Malawians are governed and live together as the constitution prescribe. Having an illegitimate president renders the constitution meaningless.

3. The 5 constitutional court judges have no lines of Consanguinity. They are independent and should be expected to examine the law and the facts.

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