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Broke Lazarus Chakwera’s Administration Fails to Pay Interns

By Evans Gomani

Chakwera administration under fire for failing to pay interns

Ntchisi, August 31, Mana
: Close to 900 government interns who were recruited to serve from April 2021 to March 2022 have not received their July and August stipends.

One of the interns, who pleaded for anonymity, said this has negatively affected their lives as they are being evicted from the houses they rent because they have not paid rentals for two months.

The intern added that as they cannot buy basic necessities, they are living a stressed life and they are also lacking the motivation to work.

“Our landlords are angry with us as they think we are dishonest while asking us to vacate the houses and leave behind some of our belongings worth a two months rental fee.

“We cannot buy food, soap and other necessities for our survival. We are stressed people as every day we have to think of how we will sustain ourselves. We are not motivated to work,” said the source.

“I don’t know the perception they have about us but I feel betrayed and condemned for a thing I don’t know,” the intern added.

Spokesperson in the Ministry of Labour, Christina Mkutumula said the delay is due to technical challenges faced by the ministry towards processing the stipends. Assuring the interns will receive their July and August stipends soon.

“We had a technical fault which has now been rectified so they will receive their July and August stipends soon,” said Mkutumula.

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  1. Pure cadetish style of reporting. The content of the article does not much its headline. For staters, the cadets left by the dpp in goffment are the ones frustrating tonse administration. The only thin now is to uproot them because they donot want to work for Tonse gvt. Muzikalima namndolo ku chisoka


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