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One Term President Chakwera Should Take Advice From Chilima

In an article that appeared in The Nation newspaper a few weeks ago, here is how Dr. Saulos Chilima, the country’s Vice President answered a question on his leadership principles.

Here is our free advice to the seemingly now ‘one term’ President Lazarus Chakwera, take advice on leadership from your Vice, in case you missed it, this is what Chilima said on leadership principles….

“I believe leadership is not static. It is dynamic. You have to know in which terrain you are in and then be able to know what leadership philosophy is needed in that terrain. However, the guiding principles that I apply across the board are that:

A. Failure is not an option. Take challenges as an opportunity.

B. I believe that skilled employees or the best ones that we have in organizations are the biggest competitive advantage between one organization and the other – therefore they must be treated well.

c. The test of true leadership is that one must have followers. One must inspire first, to lead.

D. Never sit on the fence as a leader. It is either black or white. Leaders must not be afraid to pronounce themselves. Leaders must never take a neutral stand – whether bad or good but a leader must make a decision otherwise it does not help for a leader to be what I would call decisively indecisive.”

………….Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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