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Off Pemphero Mphande’s Wall; My Friends, We Wasted Our Votes

Chakwera and his family at State House

If Lazarus Chakwera looked in the mirror this morning, he will have seen some good old nepotism staring back at him and realize he is just the man he claimed to despise the most, Peter Mutharika.

Perhaps when the pastor, turned politician rebuked Mutharika last year for employing his family in government positions, he was admiring and waiting for his turn.

Last year, following the word of hope from the pastor and his allies, just like most of you I voted for Tonse Alliance hoping that even in the least we will see change.

Instead, we are back to where we were as Chakwera appoints his daughter to a role at an embassy in Brussels.

The argument is she is qualified. Kodi pa dzana paja achibale a Mutharika sanali qualified?

Some mistakes are easily avoidable but African leaders like our President become blind soon as they taste power.

Africa, is a curse! My friends, we wasted our votes. Back to the drawing board!

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