Chilima is the Bread Winner for Chakwera

Analysis by James Dube

There is clear signal reading from social media platforms that someone is not being honest with Malawians with this pact.

Some 9 months ago, the nation was awash with news that Vice President, Chilima shall be “empowered” whatever that means to our politicians.

But what has come out clear so far is that the MOU which was signed between these two parties was just a useless document as one party does not want to honour the document because it does not have legal backing.

Seriously, we can’t be talking today that Cabinet reshuffle is failing to be done without fundamental cause. 

There must be something which the two parties are failing to agree on- mainly on the composition.

 Reable reports indicate that UTM is demanding  50% equal share of Cabinet portfolios taking into consideration that MCP is having the Presidency (Chakwera) and UTM has only fringe ministries.

But MCP is reluctant to dance to UTM tunes for obvious reasons. MCP feels that demand of  50% share from UTM is unrealistic because MCP feels it commands a substantial amount parliamentary seats as opposed to UTM which has ten MPs. On that basis MCP is challenging UTM to get less Cabinet seats. Unfortunately in their MOU, this injunction is not provided for. If it was in football match, we could easily say MCP wants to score from an offside position and the ref has quickly noticed it.

The other provision which is debatable of course is the rotation of the  Presidency. What does that mean to the voter? Does it mean a five year break or after ten years?

Let us assume,it is ten year break. What will happen if DPP comes back into power in 2025 because clearly DPP has a chance of coming back taking into consideration  all these financial scams that are happening under President Chakwera’s watch. For sure UTM will be the biggest loser in that set up.

Chakwera has tested power. We all know that when power corrupts nobody wants to leave the stage. And chakwera is coming from a religious grouping where he has been the President of that organization for 25years as if it was an “open term” constitutional set up. We can as well say that Chakwera has autocratic hormones in his body.

From this background, UTM could have understood that Chakwera loves power and that the constitution of the country runs supreme against any document that people can agree upon.

Here comes another issue that lacks legal merit. The VP office to be empowered? How? Through constitutional amendment’s? If yes, why is it coming to Parliament since government has a majority in Parliament and can bulldoze Bills. In fact most opposition MPs would support that amendment. 

If Chakwera is failing to give power away on a thing he campaigned on like ACB, what more about empowering the office of the VP and mainly Chilima who is a threat to his office? Are we together here  Think about,folks.

About rotation of the Presidency, Chakwera is not ready for that. Let us just accept it. UTM has to dig more to push chakwera out of the Presidency in 2025 and not through rotational vocabulary. 

MCP has been in opposition for over 26 years and someone thinks that they can just give up the “Sanjika Palace” like that? Think of it.

My humble advice to UTM, play your cards well. Demand what was agreed in the accord. If MCP and Chakwera continue to misbehave, just tell them, we are “going home” but come 2025, you will be out of government on the grounds of 50+1 threshold. Very simple!

MCP, be very careful with SKC. If you play with him, you are out. You can ask DPP for testimonies.

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