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Govt Urged To Extend Exams Registration Period

By Mayamiko Phiri

PRISAM officials during the briefing

Educationists have revamped Private Schools Association of Malawi( PRISAM) with a call to government to consider extending examination registration by another week.

Examination registration were closed on April 16 this month to displeasure of various stakeholders including parents and students.

PRISAM trustee Dr Hastings Moloko said this during a press briefing in Blantyre on Friday, April 23.

Moloko argued that time that was given for the exams registration after Malawi school certificate of education (M.S.CE) results were mild way through the month whereby most of Parents had exhausted their income.

He further express concern that if the girls who have not registered yet will stay for another year at home before having a chance to register.

Moloko: Extend dates

Moloko stated that PRISAM’s vision is to ensure that private schools have got good decent structures, also to facilitate the registration and accreditation of schools.

And also to ensure that teachers are offered good perks and an opportunity to further their studies.

As things stand the country have got two associations for private schools, PRISAM and Independent schools association of Malawi.

PRISAM was originally started years back with late Morton Chipimpha Mughogho of Phwezi foundation school as one of the founders.

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