Malawi Govt Eases Covid-19 Restrictions

SEX WORKERS: Will have more hours now of doing business

The Presidential Taskforce on Covid19 has eased restrictions that government imposed.

Health Minister Khumbize Kandodo says shops can now operate up to 10pm while drinking joints can now operate up to 12 midnight.

Khumbize Kandodo has further indicated that people in open space can now gather up to 250 while those in indoors the number should not exceed 100.Kandodo has also said the eased restrictions will be effected from this Friday.

On capacity in public transport, Kandodo has said the capacity should not be over 75 percent.

Chiponda has since urged law enforcers to continue checking that everyone is following the law.

Kandodo has also indicated that no loud sound will be allowed in drinking joints.

She says the curfew has now been put at 12 midnight.

Kandodo adds that the new revised restrictions will be revised in 4 weeks time to see if people are adhering to them.

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