It is tonight that Chakwera presidency will either be made or unmade…


CHAKWERA: Decision time

According to the National Audit Office (NAO), the 6.2 Billion audit report was handed over to OPC on 13th March 2021. From the 13th to this day, we are now counting 9 days.

The report presented more than enough for the Fiscal Police and ACB to arrest, charge and bring before a competent Court the majority, if not all the people fingered by the report. Of course none of this has happened as of today.

But by all means, it could have happened had the gatekeepers decided to do so. So perhaps there is a good reason(s) why this is the case. And perhaps tonight is the night we are going to learn of the reason(s).

For moments on end, we have have been told to trust the (due) Process but our chequered past experiences with it just wouldn’t let us. But maybe, just maybe, trusting the Process will suffice at the moment.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get more than an arousing speech tonight. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get more than an outline of purported action steps tonight. Maybe, just maybe, the Tonse administration will come of age tonight. Just maybe.

Whatever it is that our dear president has in store for us nobody knows. But we sure hope that it is good. Heck! We desperately want it to be good,if not great.

Who knows, maybe aside from giving an account of the K 6.2 Billion plunder he will also tell us that he has ordered another audit into the K 17 Billion subsequent disbursement.

While nobody knows what to expect tonight, without a doubt, everybody knows what they would like to hear from their President tonight.

To which end one can only wonder whether our 6th senses are operating in the same dimension.

To this end, while everything else is debatable at the moment, the following is not: Lazarus Chakwera might have been sworn in on the 28th of July 2020, but it is tonight, the 18th of March 2021 that his presidency will either be made or unmade.

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