APM’s Statement In Verbatim During Mangochi Presser (17-04-2021)

MUTHARIKA: This Government has no policy direction to reduce the suffering of Malawians

The Former State President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika’ press briefing – Verbatim. 17 April, 2021. (Mangochi)


I thought I must speak to Malawians on a number of things as a concerned Malawian and also as a person who loves our country. But I want to use this opportunity to address all Malawians who love this country including members of the DPP.

The following are the areas of my concern:

1. The Issue of MEC Commissioners

• In its wisdom, the Supreme Court told Malawians that Malawi Electoral Commissioners who oversaw the 2019 Election were incompetent. This declaration was made on 8 May 2020 before the June 2020 Election.

• This time, Government has fired Commissioner Mathanga and Commissioner Kunje on the same basis of the declaration made by the Supreme Court of Appeal.

• We have also noted that MEC has stopped all its operations because its operations are unconstitutional and illegal. • Government is telling us that MEC was illegally constituted prior to the June 2020 Elections.

• Today, I want to ask the same Government to tell Malawians:

✓ If the MEC that declared Chakwera the Winner was legal or illegal;

✓ If President Chakwera is a legal President or an illegal President.

*2. Loss of Policy Direction*

• Malawi is a poor country and many Malawians are suffering in poverty. As I always said, Amalawi tatopa ndi umphawi. • Unfortunately, this Government has no policy direction to reduce the suffering of Malawians. There is no economic policy. The economy is becoming worse.

• What we are seeing is more destruction of the already fragile economy.

• I want to ask President Chakwera and his Government to tell Malawians their policy direction for this country. Where are they taking Malawians?

• Let me remind Malawians: I have always said we have a choice to build or to destroy this country. We are now destroying this country. Lero mwaona nokha zimene zikuchitika.

3. Persecution of Innocent Malawians

• I would to ask Malawi Congress Party Government to stop persecution of innocent Malawians.

• The justice system of this country was founded on assuming that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But Malawians who are targeted for persecution are now being assumed guilty until proven innocent.

• Innocent people are being beaten and harassed by police.

• This is the practice of dictatorship. Malawi is becoming a dictatorship again.

• I want to ask President Chakwera and his Government to stop persecuting Malawians.

4. Freezing my Accounts

• One evidence that this country is becoming a dictatorship is that Malawi Congress Party is using arbitrary power to victimize innocent people.

• I am an innocent person. I have not committed any crime. I am not answering any charges.

• Yet, Government froze my accounts in the month of ….. for no reason at all.

• These include the account where I was receiving my personal salary. This is the account through which I am supposed to be receiving my retirement benefits.

• Today, I want to ask President Chakwera to explain to Malawians what wrong I have done. Am I being punished simply because I was President of this country? 5. Calling for Unity • This country is going the wrong direction.

• I want to ask all Malawians to remember that this is our country and we all Malawians. • In particular, I want to ask all DPP members to unite in saving this country.

• Those of who have ambitions to be in leadership, ambition is allowed in politics. But we must remember to put the Party and the Country first.

• Let us remember that Malawi can only develop with: ✓ Patriotism ✓ Integrity ✓ Hardwork • Tiyeni tikonde dziko lathu, komanso tikonde Chipani chathu cha DPP

• Tiyeni tizikhala ndi umunthu, tizikondana, osati kuchitirana nkhanza

• Tiyeni tizigwira ntchito molimbika

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