Thom Mpinganjira Has Case To Answer-Court Rules

Dr Thomson Frank Mpinganjira

The High Court in Blantyre has ruled that Thom Mpinganjira has a case to answer in the judge bribery case. He has been found with a case to answer on six charges.

Delivering her ruling, Judge Justice Dorothy Degabrielle says there is evidence in form of screen shots and audio recordings which shows that the accused was sent to give a parcel of money to second witness Justice Healy Potani.

She said it the opinion of court that the elements of the charges have been proved by the evidence of the prosecution.

She says the prosecution had made a premafacial case against Mpinganjira and he should enter defense.

Degabrielle says the accused can enter defense or remain silent.

According to Degabrielle, the accused is answering six charges under the Corrupt Practices Act.

The charges are as follows:1. Offering an advantage to a public Officer.

2. Attempting to induce a public officer to perform his or her functions corruptly inorder for the five judges to rule in favour of Former President Peter Mutharika.

3. Attempting to induce a public Officer to abuse his office.

4. Offering an advantage to a public officer.He is accused of offering a certain amount of money to the five judges as an inducement to decide a case in favour of Mutharika.

5. Attempting to induce a Public Officer to perform his duties corruptly.

6. Attempting to induce a public officer to abuse his office.The accused pleaded not guilty and the state paraded six witnesses.

Addressing the court, Lawyer for Mpinganjira, Patrice Nkhono started by apologizing that the defense never intended to undermine the impartiality of the court.

He has told the court that defense will be seeking direction and he will discuss with his client on whether or not he will give evidence or exercise his right to remain silent.

He said should he decide to give evidence, he will go through the evidence with him.

He has since asked for time to consult with his client to make decisions on the further conduct of the case.

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