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MCP Pounces On UTM Security Personnel in Karonga

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has directed police to arrest security personnel for its alliance partner UTM as revenge for losing Karonga North West Constituency by-Elections in which UTM candidate Felix Kaira won, the publication has learnt.

Police searching for UTM Security Personnel

According to reports, MCP which is leading the Tonse Alliance Administration is said to have instructed police to arrest all UTM security personnel that enforced security discipline during by-elections campaign in Karonga.

UTM’s security personnel are being accused of physically assaulting Home land Minister Richard Chimwendo Banda and other top MCP officials at Lovemore Lodge where they were campaign prior to the by-elections.

Surprisingly, no investigations or arrest has been made over physical assault that took place on 29th March 2021 at Pacific Hotel in which some youth in Malawi Congress Party (MCP) regalia attacked UTM senior officials.

It’s pathetic that MCP is raising arms on their major alliance partners apparently for losing grip in Karonga North West despite their heavily funded campaign.

MCP is reported to be funding Alliance For Democracy (AFORD)  to silence UTM in the North for 2025 tripartite elections strategy.

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  1. Malawi Voice be serious. The photo is that of soldiers on training not police. The police conduct a search like that? Matching on the road? With military-grade weapons? I think your story is also fake.

  2. ziliko. this is just the beggining. these two parties are good at using bulling tactics to become victorious at polls. they are well known for their beating up of party monitors from their opponents. to be honest, if not careful malawi is in for real political drama. these guys will surely turn our youthful democracy and the cominv polls into battle ground. tiyenu nazoni anthu osowa zochita inu.

  3. very fanny and its really true atambwali sametana. however, there are questions that need to be answered. who actually provides security during the polls? the public security personnel from the police, mdf and prison services or from the competing political parties? we thought the political parties are only allowed to bring party monitors not armed men to the polling scene, this is war. the childish behaviour of these two parties defended by the courts will one day lead into unforetold bloody scenes, yes civil unrest to be specific. it seems mec and our justice system turn a blind eye to violent acts perpetrated by utm and mcp mercenaries who tend to terrorise the campaigin period and the polling centres in an effort to rig the vote and declared victors. these guys know each other and the techniques they applied in 2020 to beat apm. dpp monitors were man handled, others fraid their homes and seek refugee in the cold of the bush, some were abducted. ignoring the facts will not help matters but make it worse. muvi oyang’anira suchedwa kulasa mmaso. anthu okakamira zinthu samathanso kuziyendetsa zinthuzo. matama basi ntchito kuononga basi.


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