Cop-Cum Musician Manda Calls For Repentance in ‘Levitiko 26’ Single

After taking eight years sabbatical leave in the music industry, Musician-cum police officer Cassim Manda Mkombezi  is set to release a new track entitled ‘Levitiko 26’ in which he calling upon Malawians to repent.

We have sinned against God- Manda

In an exclusive interview on Wednesday Manda Mkombezi, who is also Deputy Public Relations Officer for Dedza Police, said the song is calling upon people to seek the face of God amid coronavirus pandemic.

Manda popularly known as Soldier ‘Dr. Cassim Manda’ in the music circle described the deadly coronavirus pandemic as punishment from God for not living in accordance with His laws and commandments

“We are not living according to God’s will that’s why we are having Covid-19 pandemic. We need to turn away from our evil ways and seek God’s forgiveness” said Manda

Manda advise members of the general public that corona pandemic is still causing problems people must repent and return to almighty creator, who according to him has the capacity of wiping all global pandemics.

“In Leviticus 26Verse 3, God promised that if we obey him, he will send us rain at right time and we will be victorious over our enemies,” said Manda adding that the track will be out soon.

In one of the verses, Manda sings: “Miliri tikuona ingathe, kulapa kuthawira kwa iye, corona/Aids nchiyaninso (all plagues experiencing now can be wiped away if people repent. And further notices, corona/Aids pandemics are nothing in sight of God).

Apart from composing Music the Police Publicist Manda also writes radio and Television plays.

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