Good Samaritan Dr. Thom Mpinganjira Bails Out ‘Manoma’ With K20.2m Package

Dr Thomson Frank Mpinganjira: A Good Samaritan

FDH Bank founder Dr. Thomson Frank Mpinganjira, in his personal capacity, has made a commitment to pay 50 percent of salaries for Mighty Wanderers players and technical panel for a period of four months.

Mpinganjira, who is a long time Wanderers fan, has pledged to pay the salaries amounting to K20.2million.

Both Wanderers and Mpinganjira have confirmed.

Nomads players and officials have not been receiving their salaries since December 2020 after Japanese Car Dealers Be Forward Limited did not renew the contract.

Following the development, Wanderers players will be paid December 2020 and January 2021 arrears as well as salaries for February and March 2021.

To ensure that the money goes straight to the players, the payment is going to be made directly into the players and officials accounts for easy accountability and transparency.

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