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K6.2BN COVIDGATE: A Fish Rots From The Head…’Dodma Is In Chakwera’s Office’

Dodma is in Chakwera’s office

There is a frantic attempt on the part of this MCP government to take the blame away from President Lazarus Chakwera on the apparent abuse of the K6.2 billion Covid-19 funds.

That is a waste of time. Have we not heard that a fish rots from the head? That old wisdom has not changed. Whether President Chakwera is among those who have eaten the money or not, he is part of the problem. As a leader he has failed to deliver on the expectations of the public to manage their resources.

But even more compelling is the fact that the Department of Disaster Management Affairs is in his office. The reason why president’s get these offices into their armpits is because they feel those departments are critical and they need to be watched at close range.

That Dodma is deep in shit over the K6.2 billion reflects very badly on Chakwera. Either he has failed to manage the office he wanted to manage or he and his advisors have their fingers stuck in the Covid jar.

Let’s avoid the mistake of sanitising scandals by taking away those at the centre of it and blame everyone else. Dodma is in Chakwera’s office, he is responsible for that mismanagement and this needs to be called out as such. He needs is responsible for the mess, just as Joyce Banda was at fault for Cashgate.

Not even the tendency to push the blame on officers or some faceless cadets will ever work. This government must not waste our time blaming others for its incompetence and thievery. The Dodma mess is stuck on the overcoats of Chakwera and his henchmen. And Malawians want their money to save lives threatened by Covid-19

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