Chakwera Address Was Unmistakably Dry, Flat and Emotionless


CHAKWERA: Faked emotions

President Chakwera will not have an opportunity to stand before cold bodies of his close friends, who succumbed to Covid-19, and pay his last tribute.

That’s why I expected the president to drift from a prepared manuscript that was in his hands, and speak his own words, choosing them as they come, as bereaved people do.

The president, however, chose to be driven by a manuscript, and that made the whole lot of difference.

His address was unmistakably dry, flat and emotionless. He didn’t make us feel what it means to lose a close colleague to Covid-19.

He focused on things that won’t change anything in the street today.

But clearly, Chakwera loved Sidik Mia. He appointed him and his wife in his cabinet; allowed him walk with an exaggerated security detail and delegated him at John Magufuli’s inauguration in Tanzania.

The death of Sidik Mia sent strong shockwaves and spelt seriousness of the pandemic amidst us.

Chakwera didn’t need to fake emotions to make a moving speech, he had to express them.

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