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Dear My DPP/UDF Family…Be Strong, That’s How Police State Works

By Foster F Fundi

While Chakwera and Chilima terrorize our leaders~~~we have each other.While Chakwera and Chilima use state machinery to embark on propaganda against our leaders and parties~~~we have one another.

While Chakwera and Chilima use Times, Zodiac, MBC to smear our leaders and parties~~~we have you.

While Chakwera and Chilima hunt us like animals~~~we have God in our corner.While Chakwera and Chilima order police to arrest anyone associated with our parties based on fake evidence posted on social media by their members~~~we have facts that will never die or grow old.

When Chakwera and Chilima use judiciary against members of our parties ~~~we have the endurance to survive these political persecution.

When Chakwera and Chilima believe our party members shouldn’t own anything despite fruits of their sweat~~~we have abilities to bounce back even stronger.

While Chakwera and Chilima use their power and authority to embark on a soft genocide~~~we have influence and friends they cannot match.

While police, HRDC, PAC, media and judges work for MCP~~~we have constitution on our side.

While Malawi is becoming once again a police state as was the case during Kamuzu~~~we have democratic values and principles in our DNA.If any one of their members post a fake story on this social media that you or I sold Lake Malawi~~~police will believe it and they will come and arrest us. Chakwera makes atrocities committed by Kamuzu to look like a walk at the park. Don’t fall prey to their propaganda against members of our parties. Their aim is to divide and conquer us.

As we speak, they’re cooking up false and fake stories against you and I, and yes sadly that’s how police state works. We survived Kamuzu, surely we will survive Chakwera and Chilima.

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  1. Don’t worry Foster, game rangers always hunt animals that come out from game reserves and national parks. If they break the law, no matter what they must be arrested don’t take Malawi for granted and even the current government if they will not take care they will dance the same tune and this must be lesson to them. Choipa chitsata mwini

  2. They will dance the same tune come 2025. For instance akuti Jomo committed a crime in 2018 hence the arrest. How about the brutal killers at Msundwe, the brutality killing of DPP monitors? For justice to prevail, do they need another two years to institute an investigation unit on this one. I could see one party system resurfacing. That’s more reason Kazako was appointed as minister of information to kill other private radios so much so that tizimvera mbwelera za ma wailesi awozi. Paja tu mumati MBC ikukondera boma nanga lero bwanji? Time will come the same MBC muzaimvanso kuwawa mark my words.

  3. mwalila mokweza inu a dpp koma choti muziwe simuzalamulilaso mmalawi muno, panopa tikufuna likulu la mec libwele pa central region, ndipo chipan ichi chitha ngat makatani

  4. This is political witch hunt aimed at finishing dpp and udf and after that the unstable utm will be delt with a heavy blow that will smash it completely. If its really true that the rangers shoot at the animals that break the fence, i do believe they are not selective in the excution of their duties. Those who murdered the police officers, demolished other people’s houses, undressed the women because they belonged to another party, shooting demonstrators because they were exercise their rights, pp gurus for that infamous cashgate scandle, etc, must all be brought to book to believe that this thing is not political. Those who have nothing to give to people resort to aggressiveness to keep them busy and sway them away from real matters that are important. I can see total failure in these guys.

  5. This is a witch hunt, and opposition members are treated like animals. All crimes committed against them are burried and and not accountable while the cases created against them are handled as very serious crimes. If this is not witch hunt why selective in criminalizing these offenses. We have so many cases ranging from murdering police officers, shooting at demonstrators, pp cashgate, abductions and demolishing of houses of the opposition members, etc. For sure this is the coming back of one party state.

  6. God is there indeed to reveal all your acts. I am pleased that you’ve realized that there’s God not umfiti m’madzitamandira nawo uja. Imagine, kuba Ndalama zonsezi chonsecho mzipatala mulibe mankhwala and you say someone is hunting you. neve mind. This hunting is for those who did against the law. if you benefited from it, just wait for your time. Ine kwanga nkupenya.


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