HRDC Undermining Presidency

They either don’t believe the new President His Excellency Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera is capable enough to appoint able people to investigate and prosecute those suspected to have committed crimes.

Former HRDC leader Timothy Mtambo and the current Chair Gift Trapence

They are out threatening opposition with all sorts of things. Take it easy.
If the state President Reverend Dr. Chakwera believes there were abuses he will do the needful.

Do not undermine his office and that of his institutions. Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) will either have to disband or join Mainstream Politics like their former chairman otherwise undermining the office of President will not help them.

It’s laughable they really were going to send an invoice to an opposition figure for a police escort vehicle, we are Interested to know how much was going to be the bill and the cheque let’s say it was issued was it going to be deposited into their account?

Do we have an inspection general in this country or they undermine him as well? They think they can run this country?

Slow your role. Take a chill pill. If you desperately need Power join any political party of your choice or start another one. We have democracy in this country.

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