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Chakwera Heading For Election Win

Opposition Tonse Alliance Presidential Candidate, Reverend Dr Lazarus Chakwera is set to be declared the winner for the Malawi’s Fresh Presidential elections.

According to unofficial results compiled from each of the 5,002 polling centres, Chakwera has won with 59 percent against 38 percent for the incumbent president Professor Peter Mutharika.

Meanwhile, Malawians and the international community are waiting for official results from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Malawians went to polls on Tuesday after the court nullified the 2019 presidential election on February 3, 2020 and ordered a rerun within 150 days.

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  1. This is constitution ambush thats why i didn’t vote. Is this the meaning of 50%+1? At first it was dpp, mcp, utm, etc parties competing, then the new parties emerged to compete in form of alliaces: Tonse, dpp +udf, to hell with our courts. It would have been better had elimination system was used ie dpp vs mcp while utm and the other bottom parties were dropped. With this malawi will never develop and believe you me there will be total chaos in the management of our country because the tonse parties will start show casing each other fighting for supremacy. The main aim of this fresh elections was to deal with apm, the guy who promoted self reliance and structural development. If what dpp was doing is not development, what is development then? Fare thee well my great man, jelousy has costed us great wisdom. Thanks for the electricity that has gone into my village. Thanks for the tarmac road you brought to my village and thanks for the hospital, modern market and tdc in my home village. You were a true blessing to us and may the ALMIGHTY GOD take care of you. You are not nothing but, GOD sent you to us on a grand mission many blindly and childishly squandered. Mcp and utm threatened the potential voters in other districts to lower your chances of reelection, these are chakwera’s tactics but, don’t worry people are yet to see and appreciate the fruits of their jelousy.

  2. Laughable, win what win I do concur with my fellow (Tapiwa M. Mkungula that this is constitutional ambush. And again is this what you call free,fair and credible election just simply because you have won it mwanjira yakubayi? In central region some of the centers were even without DPP monitors (atathamangisidwa ena kukhapidwa). In Dowa alone Chakwera mpakana 439,000 plus votes, true? Kuposa boma lili lonse. With the current MEC Chair eish mbola and too bias. Tiziona, sikale zikhala zikubwera. This is not the will of Malawians but the will of the clergy,courts and HRDC GOD’S WRATH TO BE ON YOUR HEADS. My GOD save us from these witches.

  3. The wise person learns from other people’s mistakes while a fool learns from own mistakes. Not long but, very soon people will learn from their own mistakes in a bitter way. The voice of wisdom was there but, mkhutu mwanga and my ignorance.


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