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Company Introduces Covid-19 Body Spray Machine

By Sam Majamanda

Phalombe, May 11, Mana: Blantyre based Ulumba Group of Companies has invented a body spray facility designed to fight the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) in public places.

The facility named Covid Medic Spray Machine provides a door-like walk through space between which sanitizing chemicals automatically spray the person to remove all viruses that would have been on the person’s body and clothing.

Speaking while showcasing the machine, the inventor Willard Ulumba said it was ideal for human sanitization in public places such as workplaces, banks and shopping malls where currently people are asked to wash hands before entering.

“It has now become a responsibility for security personnel and other staff to stand at the door of these places to remind people to wash hands and we see this to be a tedious job.

With this machine, everything happens smoothly because once it is staged at the door way, everyone that walks in and out gets sanitized without a choice,” explained Ulumba.

By design, the machine uses electricity; however Ulumba said there is possibility to make ones supported by solar energy to suit none electric environments.

He also said the machine eliminates risks of spreading the virus through touching bucket taps and soaps during hand wash as it starts automatically once a person stands in its space.

Meanwhile, the company has made two of the machines and according to the company the prototype has been sold to Thyolo District Council.

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