PAC Applauds Mutharika On Presidential Taskforce On Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a real danger- Mutharika

The Public Affairs Committee (PAC) has applauded President Professor Peter Mutharika for restructuring the Cabinet Committee on Coronavirus to an all-inclusive taskforce to oversee Malawi’s response against the pandemic.

PAC made the comment at its meeting with President Mutharika at Sanjika Palace on Wednesday.

During his address to the nation on Tuesday, President Mutharika announced the restructuring of the Cabinet Committee to Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus which will be directly reporting to him.

The Presidential Taskforce on Coronavirus will include chairperson of PAC which represents faith organizations in Malawi.

In his statement, PAC chairperson Monsignor Patrick Thawale said the restructuring was an important step in instilling public trust in Malawi’s fight against coronavirus.

PAC welcomes the task force – Thawale

“PAC welcomes the taskforce. This redefinition will foster public trust in the fight against coronavirus. The inclusive nature of the taskforce will promote broad-based decision-making in the response to the pandemic.

We are grateful for your appointment of our organization to be part of the taskforce,” said Thawale.

At the meeting, President Mutharika commended PAC and its member organizations for playing their part in the fight against the pandemic.

“Coronavirus is a real danger. I am glad that faith groups in the country have taken a stand with us to fight the disease.

I want faith groups and health professionals to take a leading role in our fight against coronavirus,” said President Mutharika.

In the national address on Tuesday, President Mutharika said the taskforce will be co-chaired by a Cabinet Minister and a Professor in Public Health.

The taskforce will include professors and doctors from the University of Malawi, representatives of Christian Health Association (CHAM), Leader of Opposition Lobin Lowe representing opposition parties, a representative of the Chief Council and  of the CSO sector.

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