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Mchinji Health Officials Clear Dausi From Covid-19 Propaganda

By Sarah Munthali

Dausi (centre) at Mchinji DHO

Minister of Homeland Security Nicholas Dausi has refuted rumours that he ordered a clinician at Mchinji District Hospital to confirm that a patient who is on isolation at the hospital has corona virus (Covid 19).

Reacting to an audio which has gone viral on social media, Dausi told Malawi News Agency (MANA) that the rumours were malicious and not true at all.

“I visited Mchinji District Hospital to appreciate the districts Covid 19 response and management and I never met any clinician or forced him to declare any patient that he has corona virus, I was with the District hospital management team, and district council officials can testify,” said Dausi.

In the purported audio, an identified man alleges that when Dausi visited the hospital on Tuesday 14th April, he ordered a clinician Andy Mwale to confirm a patient who is on isolation at the hospital that he is Covid 19 positive.

The man in the audio also alleges that Dausi forced Mwale to diagnose that the the patient who is asthmatic and was on anti retroviral drugs (ARV’S), has corona virus.

The man also alleges that Mwale defied Dausi’s order to diagnose the patient and he has since been dismissed.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) Mwale denied receiving orders from Dausi to confirm a patient Covid 19 positive.

“As you can see I am working and I am planning trainings for our members of staff on Covid 19, I never met the minister when he came to the hospital, and the minister never forced me to sign anything,” said Mwale.

District Medical officer for Mchinji District Hospital Dr Topsy Mdolo also said when the minister visited the hospital on Tuesday he addressed members of staff and never made such an order.

“We are also surprised with the allegations in the audio, our clinician Mwale has never been dismissed and still working,” said Mdolo. During his visit to Mchinji District Hospital Dausi assured members of staff that government will provide personal protective equipment (PPE) for the staff.

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  1. Very stupid excuse to hear, minister of security addressing health officials, what is the duty of health minister? Rubbish! After you pocketed those health officials to close their mouth now you think you are smart, your days are numbered don’t worry


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