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MCP, UTM Alliance Collapses Immediately Their Leader Is Announced

UTM , MCP Courtship to end

Wamisala anaona nkhondo, so goes the Malawi proverb…meaning that never should you underrate a layman who gives you advice.

The pomp in the alliance of the once mighty Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and UTM is dying rapidly with better marketing coming ONLY from UTM.

Surprisingly, UTM marketers are not incorporating their bed-fellow MCP in all their noisy strategies. I don’t know if MCP is able to pick this from their strategists as well.

UTM feels that Chilima is much better compared to Lazarus Chakwera as far as popularity vote is concerned.

Many have given their views on this matter but I also bet that Chakwera is far away from Chilima. Ask every ten people across Malawi on who they will vote for in the fresh elections if they happen, 5 are mentioning APM, 2 are mentioning Chilima and 1 mention Chakwera while 2 others are undecided.

This clearly shows the terrain of the next elections that APM is geared for a landslide victory.

But my point however is that in the alliance which is failing to come out like how DPP and UDF did, there is nothing good expected out of it. Take it or leave it!

MCP wants Lazarus Chakwera to lead the alliance and UTM wants Saulos Chilima to lead it.

UTM is currently aggressively running a clip where senior officials tell a rally in the Southern region that they can only accept an alliance where Chilima is the leading candidate. Nothing less.

‘Wakhala kale vice president akhaleso vice president? Sitilola!” rallies one of the speakers.

But what is Chakwera’s stake?

MCP sees itself as the bigger of the two parties, more established and more experienced. And therefore deserves the pole position.

What next then?

The moment the leader of the alliance is unveiled, that will be the breaking apart of the alliance itself. Never cheat yourselves. UTM is going for disastrous finishing line because MCP won’t allow Chilima to lead even if Chilima is far much better than Chakwera.

The consequences could be dire.

This ending could only increase the APM vote to 50 + 20 because UTM sympathizers cannot vote for MCP candidate. They are expecting their Chilima on the ballot and nothing short of that!

Already, you see the body language of the two sides – the discomfort and lack of cohesion or seemingly forced cohesion.

That alliance signing ceremony was only a public spectacle of two parties that do not like each other and that have nothing in common but posing for a photo op to try to hoodwink the public that they are one.

Deep down, they know they are sand and rice. It takes us back to what Chilima said at a rally in Lilongwe recently: Mgwirizanowo ndi umenewo koma nkhani ndiyakuti kodi mumgwirizanomo tikagwirizanamo?”

Your guess is as good as mine.

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  1. It’s possible to have Peter winning should Chilima’s Camp, reject running mate possition. The UTM die hards will view Peter as a better evil. So MCP/UTM Alliance, tighten your bolts before the boat can start sinking.

  2. Komadi abale. Mpaka kuvotela Peter zingatheke? Dziko lili pa autopilot ili. Amati amphawife tizikwera awiri per seat kuyambira lero koma anthu tachita kuwera 4 ndikudutsaso a traffic police. Utsogoleri uwu siwukudziwa zomwe ukuchita.

  3. This is how we know whether the journalist graduated from the university. Otherwise stories like this one shows that the Diploma was gotten from evening classes


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