Open Letter to Chief Justice

Dear Chief Justice,

Iam m a concerned citizen and I am writing you this short letter to address the mess that is in the judiciary.  The judiciary has lost its integrity and people now cannot trust the Judiciary any more.

The Judiciary is in a total mess and corruption is very high.  We would like to see you rise above politics and do the right thing by putting your house in order.

The trust people used to have in the judiciary is completely gone. Many people now suggest that we should not have courts anymore, it’s better to have chiefs judge our cases than the courts.

Mr Chief Justice, everything that is happening in our judiciary reflects on your leadership. This time the Judiciary is corrupt and in a total mess. Erroneous application of the Law is the order of the day in our courts. Every Judge is doing what pleases him or her without considering the consequences.

Recently, we have seen what the courts have done to our nation as a result we are in constitutional crisis created by the same Judges who think they know the laws of this land.

I will be happy if my letter gets to you and you act upon it. If your Judges want to join politics let them resign and join any party of their choice. We are tired of seeing politicians hiding in our judiciary parading as judges.

Yours Concerned Citizen,

Patrick Manda.


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