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Mutharika Outlines Malawi’s Course On Development

By Solister Mogha, MANA

President Peter Mutharika on Sunday unveiled plans to launch a massive Shire Valley Transformation Project touted to be the biggest irrigation initiative in the Southern Africa region.

Speaking at Njamba Freedom Park in Blantyre during a joint Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) and United Democratic Front (UDF) rally, Mutharika said once completed, the project would produce more than enough food and that depending on rain-fed agriculture would be a thing of the past.

He said all what he cared for at the moment was how to develop the country. He expressed satisfaction with his dreams being fulfilled through the smooth take off of some major projects during his tenure of office.

I am not a politician but rather a development leader – Mutharika

“I have always said I am not a politician but rather a development leader. Next week, we will be launching the biggest irrigation project in Chikwawa.

“What I want is that people of Lower Shire should be free to grow any crop of their choice throughout the year and most importantly, produce more agricultural produce that would make the country food secure,” Mutharika said.

Besides the irrigation project, Mutharika reminded people of government’s plan to construct more secondary schools across the country with the aim of making education accessible to all Malawians.

Mutharika also said government would establish a bursary scheme in secondary school to enable students from poor families continue with their education.

“From now onwards, I don’t want any child to drop out of school because of school fees, we are introducing the bursary scheme where families can get financial support and help out their children.

“Not only that, we are also putting more funds to the university loans scheme so that university education still remains accessible.

“As government, we will also continue with construction of community technical colleges so that, once our children finish their Form Four level, they should be enrolled and better their lives,” he said.

The Head of State further assured Malawians of government’s continued provision of safe and clean water by drilling more boreholes as well as through provision of piped water.

UDF President, Atupele Muluzi hailed Mutharika for the visionary leadership, saying the leadership augurs well with the UDF’s principles.

Muluzi, therefore, promised to support President Peter Mutharika to continue leading the country and also fulfill the dream of developing the nation.

“From the entire region, I would like to urge Malawians to support our president as he takes the country forward,” Muluzi said.

Speaking earlier, Senior Chief Kapeni commended the president for among other things, improving road network through construction of more roads, establishing community technical colleges and also spearheading the Malawi Rural Electrification Program.

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