Lawyer, Senior Judge in Coup Plot Machinations

Plans for a coup attempt in the country are at an advanced with machinations being advanced by a senior legal practitioner and a senior member of the Judiciary in the country, details have confirmed.

According to our impeccable sources who are part of the inner circle of the scheme, confirmation of the coup plot, was put into motion on Thursday 20th February following the humiliation by the opposition in Parliament where they failed to pass a 2/3 Constitutional amendment to pave way for the holding of the fresh Presidential elections as ordered by the Constitutional Court of the High Court.

Our source discloses that the senior lawyer, on the evening of 20th February drove to the residence of the senior Judiciary official where they both looked at the implications of the earlier decision by Members of Parliament to reject the Constitutional Amendment.

During their discussions, the lawyer proposed to the Judiciary official to consider a coup plot where they would convince some members of the security forces to remove the country’s leadership by force.

The lawyer is reported to have told the Judiciary official who is about 60 years that he would do the machinations himself and that as a plotter he would need support from the Judiciary to advance this agenda.

The senior lawyer said that within the following few days, he was going to embark on an exercise to recruit 17 more MPs from the government side to support the amendment. He however said if that’s recruitment failed, he would encourage the route of the coup.

According to their discussions, the idea is that in the event that the coup works in their favour, they would then call for an interim government that would be run by senior government individuals (Details withheld).

After the meeting on the 20th of February, the senior lawyer has had a series of other meetings that we also have privy information to. We are currently monitoring the activities of the senior lawyer and the senior member of the Judiciary and we will be revealing all their movements and machinations.

Malawians voted for a democratic system of government where leaders are elected through the ballot.

However, due to some hunger for power the lawyer in question and the senior member of the Judiciary are advancing their agenda to ensure that the opposition gets into power through the backdoor.

It is not known if peace loving Malawians will allow the planned coup to take place as Malawians are well known for maintaining peace, law and order.

President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika won the 2019 May Presidential polls and is in his last 5-year term of office.

Political analysts have since cautioned any such coup machinations to take place in Malawi since the country has never known any war since its independence in 1964.

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