Malawian Philanthropist Donates Assorted Items to Orphans

By Steven Godfrey Mkweteza

Some say valentine is all about celebrating love for the loved ones but to others, the day means sharing with the needy.

A young philanthropist cum mentor, Eleanor Bisika-Banda, of Lilongwe thinks Valentine is about sharing.

Banda donated food items such bags of maize flour and groundnuts, packets of sugar bottles of cooking oil and drinking and other groceries for the needy people at Tilinanu orphanage in Lilongwe’s area 49.

Banda said she helped the girls so that those in need should have something to smile about the valentine day.

“This day it’s for those you care about so we just wanted those girls to know that we care about them. We want to encourage them to work hard in School and never to look down on themselves just because they are girls,” said Banda

Banda, who is also the managing director for Extreme foundation, said she used the money from her coffers and thought it wise to help needy and deserving girls, who she said, were vulnerable in the societies.

“Not everyone can afford to buy these things. That is why we need to help people that are in need and vulnerable most especially the girls.

They need support so that they do not indulge in immoral behaviors in an effort to get their needs,” said Banda

Apart from the food items, Banda also shared with the girls a book which she authored’ Inside you’. The book, according to Banda, encourages and motivates readers.

Teaser Mithi, the manager for the orphanage said was very appreciative for the kind gesture depicted by the youthful marketing lecturer.

Mithi urged other well-wishers to emulate what Banda has donated to respond to appeal from other individuals with a just cause.

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