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Malawi Infested With Most Corrupt Judiciary…But APM Will Win With Landslide

Ben Chiza Mkandawire writes:

The opposition in Malawi is falling apart, they can only think of an alliance. Waldo Emmerson is quoted as saying “When you strike at a King, make sure you kill him” What the corrupt judges did was just a bruise at DPPs ego, it was not a kick in the nuts, or a killer punch that floors your opponent…. from the confusion it is clear that Mutharika will win again this time with a landslide. Save this post.

Malawi is one of the countries with the most corrupt judiciary, we have thousands of people on remand and others sentenced to lengthy jail time for petty crimes just because they’re poor. Yet we want to claim that these five judges are incorruptible.

If we can sentence a poor person to 10 years for a petty crime, fail to prosecute Bakili Muluzi, or Joyce Banda, if we can have criminals like Chanthunya free on bail, THESE DECISIONS ARE MADE WITH JUDICIAL IMPUNITY, if we can fail to prosecute the big fish in cash gate cases, how do we celebrate an election case that is riddled with judicial malpractices? Tight race this will be and trust me no opposition will win against DPP even at its weakest.

Let’s fix Malawi but let’s be critical, every decision by the courts in Malawi presents a false idealism. Remember that.

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  1. The one who wrote the above story is DPP cadet. Judiciary has done a good job of telling MEC it’s failures and at the same time refusing corruption from DPP LED GOVERNMENT. This coming elections is a milestone to ur democracy.

  2. Corrupt and rotten to the born. The same judiciary releases a criminal on bail and is out there living freely at the same time use his cooked-up judgement in the comical ruling. Who doesn’t know that Kasambala is an accomplice in the Mphwiyo, Joyce Banda, Cashgate misappropriated money? Now today the same judiciary wants to tell the world that they are professionals with their rotten, partisan summation of the case. That will live to haunt them for the rest of their life and the life here-after. Surprisingly, their lecturers are backing them wholesale. Not very strange because you don’t expect good products to come from a crooked and corrupt institution. Actually these lecturers are deep into partisanship that you can’t break their leanings, not surprising one of them has formed his own party. I commend him for coming out of his cocoon to announce the formation of that political party. The others should either join him or form theirs as well. The bottomline is nothing else but “Poverty’ and they think they will get rich by joining politics to do exactly like what the others are doing, whose condemnation is loudly pronounced by the same poverty-stricken lecturers.


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