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Chilima to End in Crocodile Den


I don’t know how I can say that I don’t see the effectiveness or impact that the Chilima and Chakwera alliance would have on DPP without being misconstrued as being worried.

The fact of the matter is that, in an alliance where Chilima is second to Chakwera, the biggest loser of all time in our politics will be Chilima.

I personally would be worried because DPP did raise him to end up with crocodile. That would be tragic!

Let us face it, Saulos Chilima was really good when he started politics. He would have been a great successor to the professor if it was not for him to listen to the Kalindos and Madam Calista.

Coming from those heights, what kind of desperation would one have to even go and play second fiddle to crocodiles??

When he formed UTM, he managed to attract some of the finest and tidy young women and men. Are these going to crocodiles?

I don’t know, but the way it would look, is that Chilima is not serious, he is just greedy. He will go in the list of clueless people as he would show that he doesn’t know what he wants.

 The message that he betrayed APM resonated with the grassroots, that he is greedy will be even a hotter commodity.

All in all though mark my words; the easiest alliance to walk over is that of Chilima and Chakwera.

It will be a product of Mtambo and the hi5 judges and these two don’t have what it takes to sustain it.

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