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We Call This Destiny ! 3 Lives Of DPP


There’s no other party gracefully positioned to lead in Malawi than Democratic Progressive Pray (DPP). There are 3 life lines DPP has.

It doesn’t matter if the five judges are vindictive so as to nullify the election results, DPP will appeal.

Then depending on the outcome of the appeal, if it will uphold the nullification, DPP will compete and win.  So we have maintain, appeal and run. No other party is blessed like that.

That is that about that thought. The other thought I have is about the goodness of enmity. DPP is enemies with UTM and it is good.

UTM wants to be the one to beat DPP therefore rendering MCP useless.  In the 2019 they won DPP the elections by winning the north. In court they were the first petitioner which means their prayer supersedes MCP

In case of election alliances, Chilima, a person who has been VP can’t be running mate to Chakwera.

 It has to be the other way round or witness another bigger battle between UTM and MCP. UTM knows that the votes they can get can’t be the traditional DPP vote.

This is simply explains that God and Malawians don’t want the Malawi Congress Party (MCP). They are clueless and mediocre and at times, evil.

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