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NICE Urges Political Parties To Observe Peace

National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Public Trust National Programmes Manager, Grey Kalindekafe has urged political parties in the country to observe peace as the country awaits judgement on the high profile presidential case.

Speaking during a full Council meeting that took place at the Boma on Monday, Kalindekafe said politicians should among others refrain from telling their supporters that they have already won while the court is yet to make its determination.

“We are urging all political leaders to ensure that as of now they should not tell their supporters they have won until judgement will be done. Because, if they tell their supporters that they have won and the judgement comes out the other way round, that will incite a lot of anger,” he said.

Kalindekafe urged parties involved in the presidential case to accept the judgement that would be rendered by the constitutional court.

He said that those who would win should celebrate peacefully and those who would lose should not react in anger and thereby violating the rights of those who would win.

District Commissioner for Mulanje, Michael Chimbalanga reminded the participants that on Romans 13 verses 1 to 5 the Bible says all leaders on earth are chosen by God and who ever rebels against the authority is rebelling against God.

He added that, “The meeting will help stakeholders on how to resolve conflicts that happen in their communities in addition to political conflicts. There are land issues, chieftaincy wrangles, issues of compensation during road projects and other issues which I believe from now will be handled with ease.”

Senior Chief Mabuka said the meeting has helped them to realize different ways of resolving conflicts in their areas.

“When I get back home, I will convene a meeting with my subordinates to tell them what I have learnt here and also to encourage them to pass on the message to our people so that when the judgement comes, everyone should respond peacefully,” he said.

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